Open-Source Scenario Modeling

This webinar was prepared for our colleagues developing open-source scenario modeling tools for the urban environment. We present similar work within federated wiki.

YOUTUBE tihAE3L0EDg Michael Mehaffy and Ward Cunningham

... at the core of this – and this goes all the way back to the founding of Wiki – was the modularity that comes from the Pattern Language, which was Chris Alexander's work, and many others.

Chris' form was based on a book, and that book has actually kind of trapped those patterns in a copyrighted work. So we're very interested in seeing the next generation of patterns, first of all be more quantitative, but also be distributed in a totally open way, so that work built on it can continue to be used and improved.

... Wiki was created to support the development of patterns – patterns in software development, but patterns nonetheless – and they share a lot in common.


See Alexander describe the depth of his vision and call upon computer professionals to join the challenge to make a Natural Genetic Infrastructure.